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Rosiers couvre-sol

Rosa 'Amstelveen'

Rosa 'Aspirin Rose'

Rosa 'Austriana'

Rosa 'Bees Paradise Pink'

Rosa 'Candela'

Rosa 'Crystal Fairy'

Rosa 'Fairy King'

Rosa 'Fairy Queen' 

Rosa 'Fuchsia Meidiland'

Rosa 'Heavenly Pink'

Rosa 'Ivory Meidiland'


Rosa 'Jazz'

Rosa 'Lavender Dream'

Rosa 'Lavender Friendship'

Rosa 'Lavender Meidiland'

Rosa 'Lovely Fairy'

Rosa 'Mirato'

Rosa 'Orange Fairy'

Rosa 'Pearl Mirato'

Rosa 'Peter Pan'

Rosa 'Phlox Meidiland'

Rosa 'Pink Fairy' 3L

Rosa 'Red Drift'

Rosa 'Red Fairy'

Rosa 'Rody'

Rosa 'Schneeköningin'

Rosa 'Sommerwind'

Rosa 'The Fairy'

Rosa 'The Fairy Red Fire'

Rosa 'The Fairy Seafoam'

Rosa 'The Fairy White'

Rosa 'Yellow Fairy' 1L

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